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Fated Passage has been opened for Beta Testing, therefore we ask all players that signup during this period to enjoy themselves in the game as well as notify the Game-Owner of any problems, errors, glitches and your suggestions/improvements by contacting him on the Contact Form or via in-game mail to Caius [1].

Highest Ranking Players

1. ReyDrafl [951]
2. Edgewind [256]
3. AlfredDH [907]
4. EricDraven [40]
5. Derek2752 [68]
6. Ardashar [7]
7. Darkwater [119]
8. Davidnjw [496]
9. Danilo [46]
10. Hyperionza [531]

In the one hundred and twenty-seventh year of the Third Age of Antesis, a great and terrible plague ravaged the vast Kingdom of Erion. The countryside became a blighted wasteland, and countless men, women, and children fell victim to the relentless desease, including King Tynan and his infant son, Weslyn. The remainder of the royal court fled Erion in the hope of escaping the pestilence, but they never arrived at their destination. The plague was indiscriminate, and seemingly invincible. Those who were spared the horribly painful death took inventory of their destroyed homeland and lives began to wonder if the plague was a more merciful end to it all.

But as suddenly as the blight fell upon Erion, it stopped its virulent march across the land. The deaths ceased and the survivors began the laborious task of rebuilding. There was no king, no leader, no orders; only the will of the people in the six remaining cities: DarkThorn, SilverGate, High Creek, Flushing Hill, Hidden Maze, and Narrow Stream. Crippled, and struggling to rebuild, the people felt that in their weakened condition, neighboring factions would invade and take over their home of Erion. The priority became rebuilding – and protection.

Clans formed in each of the cities, clans devised to protect the citizens from outsiders who would have them subjugated to foreign rule, but it was not long before this plan began to crumble and fall. Without the leadership of a central command, the clans began to fight for power. Skirmishes became battles; battles became wars, and once again the country was plunged into the depths of bitter turmoil. These wars rage on to this very day, and the clans call upon the very citizens they swore to protect to join the fight. Who will lead, and who will follow?

Erion lies upon a dagger’s edge. On one side, the stability of the kingdom and the restoration of Erion to its former glory. On the other, anarchy, and the end of an age. Will you take up arms and traverse that fated passage to its unknown end? Will it be you who leads your clan to victory?